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... turn the dials to change focus.

Now you don't need different reading glasses for different tasks: just use Eyejusters.

One pair of glasses for everything: reading messages; using a computer; reading a book; or hobbies/DIY.

Simply turn the hidden eyeDials™ to change focus.

Two hidden dials change the lens power instantly - just like focusing binoculars.
Comfort and fit
Our frames include comfortable nose pads and spring hinges. The arms can be adjusted to aid fitting.
Thin, lightweight adjustable focus lenses made with our amazing optical technology. Anti-scratch coating included.
Optician quality frames
We use the same materials as in high quality optical frames, so they're robust and easily adjusted.

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Revolutionary eyeDials™

Getting perfect focus with Eyejusters is a simple turn of the hidden eyeDials™. It's just like focusing binoculars.

Super flexible, super strength

Eyejusters have a lens strength range of +0.50 to +4.00 D, the most versatile non-prescription reading glasses you can buy! Go close up on your hobbies or DIY, and then turn them down for the computer.

Classic and modern styles

We offer classic and modern frames to suit you, using the same high quality materials used in opticians' frames.

The big picture

No need to tilt your head back: the whole lens changes focus as you adjust. Perfect for seeing more of what you want.

Click below to compare Eyejusters with varifocals or progressives.

Cutting Edge

Every pair of Eyejusters contains our amazing SlideLens™ technology. Five years of intensive research brings you the very latest in vision correction.

Zero maintenance

The moving lens mechanism is sealed inside, and all our lenses have a durable anti-scratch coating. Clean them like normal glasses.

What's included?

We include a signature print microfibre cleaning cloth and a high quality magnetic close hard case with every pair of Eyejusters.

Try at home for 30 days

It's easy and risk-free to try our glasses. If you're not completely happy with them for any reason, you can return hassle-free within 30 days.
Join thousands of others who have discovered Eyejusters.