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How do the lenses work?

Every pair of Eyejusters contains our
amazing SlideLens™ technology.
Five years of intensive research
brings you the very latest
in vision correction.
The basis of our SlideLens™ technology is a lens with a special profile, containing both positive power and negative power areas.

When two of these lenses are placed together, the positive power and negative power areas cancel each other out.

When one lens is moved across the other, the amount by which they cancel each other out varies, changing the focus point.

By sliding each part past the other, the lens changes its power to give clear vision instantly.

Eyejusters and SlideLens™ Technology

To create Eyejusters, each lens is precisely designed using complex software to achieve a wide field of view and high clarity. The lenses are integrated in a unit sealed against moisture and dirt, and coated with a special Anti-Scratch layer.

Top View

Side View

Inside View

The result is a durable, thin and lightweight lens unit with our revolutionary eyeDials™ on each side of the frame to easily focus each eye independently. Finally, we place it into one of our stylish frames.

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