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Customer Reviews

We listen to our thousands of customers so we can constantly improve our glasses, and make seeing that little bit easier. Read what they have to say below.

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Steve, UK
"Well, I have received mine now- stainless steel black- and am writing to tell you how very pleased I am with them. They’ve changed my life! After just a few days, the process of changing the focus between tasks- phone to Mac, for example- has become second nature and SO much less hassle than constantly swapping specs! Why aren’t all specs like this??"
Jon, USA
"I showed my new Eyejusters to friends, and many of them immediately wanted a pair. Kudos! I just ordered 2 more for myself, I can't be without them."
David, UK
"Imagine having to buy 3 individual glasses? Thank you Eyejusters - these glasses are perfect for my needs."
Paul, USA
"They are just as advertised and actually outdid my expectation. Thanks so much for making a really great and unique product."
Shane, UK
"The glasses are great. I was due an eye test, my last eye test didn't go to well. When my wife brought my glasses home and I put them on I couldn't see as good as I was supposed to so another appointment was going to be set up. The Eyejusters arrived and they are great. I can adjust them for different sizes of texts from reading a book, small print, computer.""
Jeffrey, USA
"I received my pair of Eyejusters Olive/Cream readers the other day, and I love them. Three months ago I had partial corneal transplants along with cataract surgery, and now reading glasses are a regular part of my life. Though my vision is now nearly perfect after surgery, I have another nine months of healing and changing vision. With the Eyejusters I no longer need to carry three pairs of reading glasses, and can enjoy both reading and viewing mid-range objects with a single pair of glasses."
Ken, Germany
"I can read everything again....many thanks just received my new glasses."
Oktavino, Netherlands
"I'm very happy with my Eyejusters, the idea of adjustable lenses is brilliant!"
David, UK
"For me, who has in the past 2 years required glasses for reading only and for the artwork I produce, I find these glasses excellent as I work a varying distances from the canvas, hence, I can adjust my focus easily. They are also narrower than what I expect, so I can easily look over the frame at my subject matter. I find the price reasonable too. Imagine having to buy 3 individual glasses? So thank you Eyejusters - these glasses are a perfect for my needs."
Martin, USA
"I wear contact lenses and Eyejusters are great for reading and working at my computer. No need for two pairs of extra glasses as they adjust perfectly. My opticians has also checked them and approves. Stylish design too!"
Mike, Spain
"Your glasses arrived this morning at my Spanish home. I am absolutely delighted with them. The focusing is excellent and they are extremely light and comfortable, quite apart from a very attractive design. They ooze high quality throughout, even down to the protective case. I have also been impressed by your initiative in sending three e-mail follow up tips to optimise their use. Congratulations for producing such an innovative and very useful product. I shall certainly be recommending them to family and friends."
Philip, UK
"The glasses are very impressive and do what they are supposed to do."

Press Reviews

"Within a couple of seconds I have perfect focus ... These UK-manufactured specs are no ordinary reading glasses"
"An ingenious solution"
The Mail on Sunday

"The SlideLens tech really does work"

"Anyone who needs a positive power up to 3 dioptres can dial it in making it a real crowd pleaser. Its versatility also lends itself to multi-tasking."
The Optician

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